Aphrodite Muse Brand Name Meaning


How did Autumn Hayes come up with Aphrodite Muse as a brand name? What is its meaning to the brand purpose?


Aphrodite is the Goddess of love, beauty and procreation in Greek mythology. I’ve felt a connection to her since I was a freshman in High School studying for class, whilst falling in love with her story. Aphrodite is the most beautiful Goddess, but that isn’t what caught my attention. I was fascinated by the power that came wielding desire. Just to be clear, it wasn’t the power she had over other Gods/ Goddesses, but more so the power she had over herself. She was confident and dangerous in her own way, a force to be reckoned with. Aphrodite took what she believed she deserved using her power as a woman, her sexuality. Furthermore, she did it unapologetically but with love. I later learned that she is the only Goddess to be sculpted fully naked; which was prohibited and frowned upon in culture for women to be as naked. Imagine how she shook ancient debates of women societal standards.


In modern day times, women still fight a similar battle of having control over our own body. Slut shaming, body shaming and restrictions of women’s right across the world has been traumatic. Although American women have revolutionized women’s rights, there are millions of women ashamed of their body. It’s common for women to lack the confidence and self esteem to be comfortable in their own skin. Aphrodite would have never allows such a thing to happen. After all, she is the Goddess of procreation and it’s our divine bodies that brings life into this world. Our bodies should be celebrated as well as our sexuality. This is why Aphrodite inspired the clothing brand, Aphrodite Muse.

When women wear Aphrodite Muse, it’s our fullest intention to remind women that the power of our body and happiness lies within ourselves. She represents the love I desire for every woman to have for themselves and their body. As the Goddess of love, she is accepting of herself as well as other women. (Something we can take notes from.) As a brand, it’s our mission to encourage women to find that Aphrodite confidence in yourself and LOVE it. Then go a step further and use fashion to project internal beauty onto the exterior. There is psychology that proves our behavior is directly influenced by our clothing choice. Women can take our power back similar to Aphrodite by dressing fashionably divine. Confidence and esteem builds when a woman dresses true to herself. We must learn to love ourselves and find our own perception of beauty. Just as Goddesses each have an individual unique ability, Aphrodite Muse believes women like you and myself have talents just the same. Talents that makes us powerful in our area of passion if we stay true to our authentic self. It's important for women believe in ourselves and allow the world to see our true selves. Once we can accept and emanate our inner beauty, we release our inner Goddess. Embrace your inner Goddess, it’s your superpower.

So why be a Muse?

Well... to be a Muse is to have the ability to inspire artistic creations. Mona Lisa was a muse for Leonardo da Vinci, and the inspiration she provided is valued around $850 million. It is the most priceless painting in the world. There are zero limits on what’s possible if we free ourselves to create what’s inspired by a muse. Be you own muse. 


Furthermore, let’s go even deeper into the If we go back into the history and meaning of a muse. In Greek mythology, there were nine muses and their names are as follows: Clio, Euterpe, Thalia, Melpomeni, Terpsichore, Erato, Polymnia, Ourania and Calliope. The nine muses were young Goddesses that discovered and created arts and sciences. A muse brings life to the world, creating change through the most beautiful route… art. Fashion is Art. Aphrodite Muse wants women to become their own muse and inspire ourselves to create through our fashion. This idea also boosts self confidence and self esteem, because we’re able to enjoy the process and admire the final product. We become our very own passion pieces worth much more than the Mona Lisa.  The joy in creating a version of ourself we love is priceless. 


When you bring the idea of Aphrodite’s strength together with being your own muse… you get women that change the world starting with themselves. 


All starting with fashion.  

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